By Mark West -


This javascript demo was written while I was in New York on a work training course. It only works in IE I'm afraid (my javascript skills were still IE only at the point when I wrote it). Click on the image above to start the program in a new window, then click on 'help' for instructions. Basically, the program alows you to scroll around and aoom in on the map, add airports to it, highlight them, center them etc. The actual program (i.e. not this demo version) reads all airport data from an online database, with real-time information about the delays at the airport. This demo is really just to show off my javascript code for fading menus, and map zooming etc! Note also that since the airport data in the demo is hard-coded, only airports in the New York area are included, and they are not all quite in the right places on the map! I learned a lot while writing this demo however, and a lot of the techniques used came in very handy when creating my mixedcasesspaces front page.