The Lightnin' Robertson Blues Injection    

Welcome to the tribute site for the infamous Lightnin' Robertson Blues Injection! This page contains information, mp3s and photographs of the band, and the legendary Lightnin' Robertson himself.


The Lightnin' Robertson Blues Injection - original photograph

Original band photograph taken at the 1964 South Mississippi Festival of Blues, weeks before the big split.

From left to right: The Catfish, Blind Mike, Mississippi West, Lightnin' and Tremblin' Bones

In 1941 a legend was born... Once in a lifetime musical powers come together in a manner so wholey remarkable that all who are honoured enough to hear the sonic delights that are produced when the instruments are tuned and the amps are on, forever tremble in awe at the spectacle they have witnessed.

Crazy Dave

The Injection's new star member - famed vocalist and world renowned dancer 'Crazy Dave'. Crazy Dancin' Dave's moves are legendary... who can forget the dance craze 'Lame Raccoon' that swept the Blues dens back in '66?

Lightnin' Robertson himself

Lightnin’ Robertson – found as a baby in a suitcase on Highway 49, his past is as mysterious as his right foot... shown here doing his thing on stage at the Blues Den, 1974

Tremblin' Bones

Injection lead guitarist Tremblin’ Bones in an early photo shoot shortly after signing to Blue Ice Records

The Catfish

Bassist 'The Catfish', circa 1954, after the Great Gumbo Shortage of 1953, when his weight plummeted by the equivalent of three fully grown coyotes.

Mississippi West on keys

Mississippi West solos at the Bam Boom Room, Lake Clarkesdale. It was once claimed that Mississippi's fingers were fast enough over the keys that the heat caused his sweat to turn instantly to Jack Daniels.

Blind Mike

Blind Mike – legendary drummer with The Injection, sadly now once again missing in action shortly after the 2003 reunion performance ended in disaster.

Nice car Mike, careful with the driving

After The Injection’s success with their first album 'Got Blues?', Blind Mike splashes out on a new set of wheels

The Catfish with his Ma

The Catfish back in the bad old days with his Ma


Original 1969 Poster from Lightnin’s solo tour after the band split in 1964

80's Reunion tour

Band Flyer produced for The Injection’s disastrous 80’s reunion tour – without The Catfish and Mississippi the magic just weren’t there

Click here to listen to a rare live recording of the Lightnin' Robertson Blues Injecton in action, with their rendition of the Sonny Boy Williamson II classic 'Born Blind' (935kb).