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MJW - "MixedCasesSpaces" the album

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Details: The first MJW solo album, featuring 14 tracks written, performed, recorded and produced by Mark West. Mixedcasesspaces takes a wide range of styles and mixes them into a very rounded and flowing album, from the loud beat-led opening track "No More Room" through to the sleepy, relaxing finale of "The World" and "End Song/Daydream", via a mixture of acoustic and vocal songs and full-on big beat dance tracks! Lyrics and music samples are available on this site!

Tracks: 1>No More Room 2>Room 204 3> P2 Bass Song 4>Trying To Listen 5>I Don't Want To Be A Spectator 6>Windbreaks 7>2:15 Forever And Nothing 8>Man In A Suit 9>Everybody Needs An Elka 707 10>Stark 11>Fluid 808 12>Price Of A Stamp 13>The World 14>End Song/Daydream.