Greg's maze game

This was my first ever effort at a web-based game. Greg is a hunched-back punk (Don't ask me why), click on the link below for his maze game, where you have to guide him down into some caves to find the exit, avoiding the traps on the way. Alternatively, if you want, you can just make him deliberately walk into all the traps and die in horrible but interesting ways.


Guide Greg through the maze of caves to the exit by moving your cursor slowly over the screen, but beware of the traps... Moving the cursor over an image will cause Greg to walk to that point. Move SLOWLY, and ONLY in the directions that the pop-up messages say you can, and try to pick the right route to get to the exit! For example:

Go RIGHT from here >> << LEFT or RIGHT >> << LEFT from here!

Click here to load the maze game... it will take some time, but you need to wait until ALL the images are loaded (even if you can't see anything changing). When the load is finished, maximise the browser window and click 'refresh' before you start, or the images may not change when you move the cursor over them. You will also need to have Javascript enabled on your browser! Good luck!