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Welcome to WOLFIE LAND!

Music from London based band Wolfie!

'How's Wolfie?' 'WOLFIE's fine honey' - anyone want to join a band? I heard a rumour that they did....We are 5. We live in the big smoke of London but we are not from there. Mark plays drums and sometimes sings a little bit like in the background and stuff but still loud I mean you can hear him, he fiddles with other things like a machine with lights on that goes twinka twinka do like a cybourg but only occasionally, Gemma and Cesca sing, la la de la da aaaaaaaaah Gemma would like to play more instruments but she's rubbish, Cesca plays guitar too glang glang glang gurrrrrr lang a lang a lang, Ilana plays bass bon bon bon bon bon bon bon bon bon burrrrrr and Tim plays more guitars guitars guitars gabba gabba whirrrrr!

This wonderful web site has all sort of mp3's and free music for you to listen to, as well as a message board and some photos and things like that! Wolfie! Wolfie! Rah rah rah!