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1/10/12 : Album update

I thought I'd write a little update on our album progress as it probably all seems quiet to the outside world - but I can assure you we're very busy!

We sat down last week as a band and listened through for the first time to all the tracks we have as album candidates, to see how they work together as an album. We were pretty pleased with the way things were sounding, it's looking like we'll have six or seven new songs and four of five tracks from the first two EPs on the album. Obviously we may change our mind as it's early days!

We'll probaby re-record bits of some of the very early tracks if we use them, and re-do the mixes. And some of the newer songs still need work to make them sound great in all the right places! I think we're going to have a nicely balanced album though with a strong set of tracks, and overall a more grown up sound than our first EPs.

So... more mixing to be done, a few little extra bits of backing vocals and guest instruments to be added in, and then we can start thinking about how to get it released... which will be next year of course, but hopefully near the start. We need a name for it too... time to start thinking...

20/8/12 : The Tripods Are Coming

Last weekend I was at Boomtown Fair festival and witnessed probably the coolest thing I have ever seen...

30/5/12 : Video Diary - Recording at Soup 2012

The Lost Cavalry in to record at the new location of Soup Studios in Limehouse. We've always been a fan of the studio in it's old location under the Duke Of Uke but the new studio is a different league - it feels like an established space that's been there for years, and Giles and Simon really know what they're doing.

In this video we're recording parts of new songs Telescope and King Of Kings, with another four new tracks also at various stages of recording. We're recording the drums, bass and electric guitar (with the bass DI'd and the electric's amp mic'd up in a different room, with the rest of us in the control room playing along as a guide for our bandmates. Then afterwards we overdub the cello, acoustic and vocals.

22/5/12 : Summer Soup

We're recording at the new Soup Studios tomorrow, I'm excited. We have 3 new tracks that are almost mixed now and we're hoping to get time to record 3 more at Soup. All this is in aid of us finally making an album this year.

Also, it's nice and sunny today which makes me wish I was outside - you can never see a laptop screen when out in the sun it seems. Also, I want to buy a boat to live on please. And finally, I finished (sort of) my home made Theremin last night - I'm going to post a little video diary about it I think. It essentially works though is a bit out of control to be honest... good for funny noises I guess...

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