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6/11/11 : Autumn 2001 stuff

It's been a busy summer for The Lost Cavalry - we've been writing and recording and our new EP is the result - well, half of the result - four songs are on the EP and four more that we've been working on aren't finished yet but we're working on it! Whenever I write things with any expected dates they always turn out to be vastly wrong but our plan is to release our first album next year, hopefully that will happen.

Our first EP was quite folky and pleasantly wandering, but our new EP is more direct and hopefully a bit braver - and the four new songs we're working on recording now are currently sounding different again. We're going to work on them over Christmas and see where they go...

But, before all that it's the release of Snow City Radio! The EP launch gig is going to be pretty special - we have our old friends We Walk On Ice joining us (the band we recorded the song 'Disappear' with, for the Eardrums Pop label) and our new friends Keston Cobblers' Club, who we recently recorded a couple of live acoustic videos with - we travelled down to Keston one night last month and all played together performing one of their songs and one of ours: 'The Flood'. Hearing our song played with the Keston guys playing trumpets and tuba was pretty emotional to be honest - the first time we played it through and the brass joined in was a pretty special moment. We're also going to be joined at the EP launch gig by Derek Yau playing cello - Derek played on the EP and will be a welcome addition to the night.

So yeah - the new EP has been a lot of work, especially the mixing process, but we're happy with the results and in particular I think 'The Flood' is one of the best things I've ever mixed, from a producing point of view. Take a listen yourself and see what you think! It's out in two weeks time, so hopefully we'll get some good reviews and maybe some radio play... fingers crossed! Mark.x

23/8/11 : LeeFest 2011 Video Diary

A little video diary from last weekend - at LeeFest 2011 with our Mobile Cavalry Contraption - and a chicken.

19/8/11 : Harmonium


The most recent addition to The Lost Cavalry's family!

11/7/11 : Penguin Cafe

At the weekend I went to see Penguin Cafe play at the Hackney Empire, playing music by Simon Jeffes, who was quite simply a genius. I love the choices of instruments and the way the loops build up and interact. Mark.x

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