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12/10/10 : Music on the go

Here's my next invention. I doubt it will work.

Music machine

We're all very excited about releasing our track 'The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill' as a single, we're really pleased with the new mix (which you can listen to here). We're also excited about some new tracks we're recording at the moment. I think it's time to upgrade my little home studio though - I'm going to splash out on a new computer I think before starting to mix the new songs.

I've also been doing some other recording recently - I recorded a track for Sony Extreme music for this production music album which was good fun, and I'm also in the middle of working on the score for a new indie feature film Booked Out along with my co-composer Derek Yau. It's quite a challenge - really different to be writing music that needs to fit in tightly with the film action and also set the right mood - which often changes quite quickly within one piece of music. It is absolutely brilliant fun though and we're making good progress. I think there will be around 45 minutes of music we'll be making in total though, so there's a lot to do. Definitely a good excuse for getting a new music computer...


19/8/10 : LeeFest 2010

At the weekend, Dave, Nick and I went to LeeFest down in Kent, a one-day festival headlined by Futureheads. We were there in the role of 'Wandering Minstrels' and so, despite the rain, we wandered the festival arena and played our songs to the people, even if they didn't want us to, or didn't know what on earth was going on. In fact, most people loved it and everyone seemed to want to have a go on my concertina.

5/8/10 : Floating on the Thames

Oliver afloat Well, our EP launch gig on a boat went well! Thanks to everyone who came along and said nice things to us afterwards. It turns out that the boat we were on (moored to the side of the Albert Embankment) only floats for a few hours each day, as the tide changes. We were afloat while we were playing, which was interesting - fortunately there were no sudden lurches causing Toby to miss a glock note! It was a little scary seeing the water get closer and closer to the bottom of the window until it started to lap over the glass though!

David Cronenberg's Wife and Thomas Truax were both great too, love Thomas' crazy gadgets. Yep, it was a top night, and I hope we can play on the Tamesis Dock again some time, it was a very charming boat - I'd love to own one and turn it into a floating house and recording studio... Next stop for us - The Lexington!

29/7/10 : Some nice reviews

We spent so long creating and recording our EP that we'd kind of forgotten that people would write reviews of it... fortunately so far they've all been pretty positive! Here's a few links to some of them!...

'A superbly confident and stirring debut... singer mark west, possess an extraordinary voice which blends brilliantly with the electric-folk instrumentation' - Rough Trade

'These finely crafted, literate and wistful songs are well worth giving your time and attention to' - Folly Of Youth

'Oh Sally is a beautiful fanfare of melodic, gentle instruments, brilliant, strong vocals and lyrics which tease the inner child from your memory. Experimental and truly unique...' - Stereoboard

'You get a real sense of accomplished majesty from this music. Sad yet uplifting, full blooded yet sensitive... This ex-Fanfarlo guitarist & his cohorts have a rather special appeal. 4/5' - Norman Records

Obviously, we're pretty chuffed! x

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