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12/4/21 : Meissner : Part One : The Time And The Place

Started in 2001, added to gradually over 20 years and finally completed in 2021, this is an unplanned and undirected collaboration album by Mark and Nick from the band, co-written with John Green and various friends.

4/12/20 : Stay Another Day

Shall we say it's Christmas now...? Here's this year's Lost Cavalry Christmas Cover... it's a bit of a sad song, sorry about that... and is it a Christmas song? Hmm... not sure, but we've changed one word to the word 'Christmas' so I'm sure our version is :-)

And here are the rest of our Christmas cover songs... all free to download... Happy Christmas from The Lost Cavalry!

20/9/20 : What you Make It - Amber

20 years ago Nick, Simon and Mark from The Lost Cavalry were in a band together at university and on 20th Sep 2000 they completed their first album - which we've now remastered and put up on bandcamp!

It's a record born out of a love of loud guitars, the freedom of university, the crazy emotion of late teens and hours upon hung-over hours of rehearsal in the small, sweaty Warwick Student's Union BandSoc practice room. It's not like The Lost Cavalry... it's a bit lo-fi and very full of angst... but we hope you like it!

1/9/20 : Moscow by Joe Innes & The Cavalcade

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Folkroom (the label who released our debut album) we recorded a cover of an incredible song by fellow Folkroom alumni Joe Innes & The Cavalcade - it's an amazing song, we hope we've done it justice! Happy 10 years Folkroom! It's been an honour to be a part of the family! x

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