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15/12/19 : White Christmas

Presenting this year's Christmas song... our cover of the classic White Christmas!

And here are the rest of our Christmas cover songs... all free to download... Happy Christmas from The Lost Cavalry!

29/10/19 : Listen here!

Our album STORMS is available on Bandcamp (CD/Download):

...Or listen here on Spotify:

29/8/19 : Ten years

We totally missed our ten year anniversary! Which was earlier this year... it's hard to believe it's gone so fast, that's life I guess!

So here's a video of us playing one of our oldest songs back in 2010 for Balcony TV: "Secret Steps", the first track from our first album:

Our album STORMS is available on Bandcamp (also available on CD):

9/4/19 : Track Of The Day - Skewed Quiff

Thank you to Skewed Quiff for making "The Rain Dissolves Me Away" their Track Of The Day!

"On The Rain Dissolves Me Away, The Lost Cavalry charge you with frenetic rage. Guitars screech and strings buzzsaw across a throbbing heart of bass and a skittering pulse of drums. Beguiling vocals entice us to the edge. This is a song for those moments when the world has drifted away, a sombre vision narrowing to a pinpoint of light. When the unutterable grace of nothing threatens to consumes you. When you realise you need something."

The track is from our album STORMS and is available on Bandcamp (also available on CD):

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