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13/4/10 : Recording an EP!

We're please to announce that our first EP is on the way! It will contain four tracks - 'Only Forward', 'The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill' and new mixes of 'Oh Sally' and 'Secret Steps' and is released on August 2nd on our own label - Two Six Heave. More details soon!

Also, the 'Between Two Waves' compilation featuring our recording of 'Disappear' is due for release in about a week - it should be worth the wait.

Toby's away in Japan at the moment, but our next gig will be Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May when he's back, for the 'No One Died' all-dayer at The Old Queens Head, Islington.

1/3/10 : Easter weekend

Lock Tavern Flyer

Over Easter weekend we're heading over to 'No' Recording studios in Southend to spend some time recording two new tracks - 'The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill' and 'Only Forward'. As an added bonus, the recording studio is on a farm...

Also over the bank holiday weekend we have a midnight gig at Wonderland Festival's London party and then at the start of April an acoustic gig supporting David Tattersall of The Wave Pictures.

The facebook page for this event can be found here.

1/3/10 : Is it Spring yet?

Our collaboration song with We Walk On Ice for the "Between Two Waves" project from Eardrums Pop is recorded, mixed and mastered and ready for the mid-March release date... can't wait to let you all hear it. It was really good fun to record and great to work with Ida from We Walk On Ice again, she has a beautiful voice.

Lots of good gigs this month for The Lost Cavalry - including White Heat on Tuesday the 16th and The Windmill in Brixton on Thursday the 18th. x

3/2/10 : Things In The Pipeline

We're working on a few things at the moment! Firstly, we're excited to announce that we are now a 5-piece! From our next gig we will be joined by new recruit Toby on various instruments such as glockenspiel, melodica and guitar! Toby's a great illustrator too - check out his work here:

We've also been working on new songs including a collaboration with We Walk On Ice for the "Between Two Waves" project from Eardrums Pop. We're recording a song called 'Disappear', the compilation is out in March and will be a free download.

Other stuff - our White Light gig on the 12th Feb has been moved to March, more details coming soon. We've also got some other gigs to announce soon (mainly south of the river for some reason!). Oh - and I bought a new concertina! Whoop! :-)


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