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17/2/12 : The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill - Video

Here's a new video for an old song... recorded at LeeFest last summer by Henry Evans of - it can remind you of sunnier days! And you can still download the track for free from here.

15/2/12 : Booked Out Cinema Dates

Last year Derek and I wrote the soundtrack to a new motion picture, Booked Out - the film is released next month in selected cinemas, full details of which can be found here: The special screenings each feature a Q&A session with Bryan O'Neil the director and selected cast. Derek and I also were interviewed about our soundtrack recently, we'll let you know when the interview is released (hope we were interesting!).

If you're in any doubt about going to watch the film then I assure you, you definitely should - it's a gem waiting to be discovered... and in case you're still not sure, here's the trailer...

And just to make things even more exciting for us, we're pleased to reveal that the soundtrack is getting an official release on CD too, available from March 6th (the day of the Leicester Square premiere!).

5/1/12 : January

Hi Mark here. I'm off out of the country for all of January, so we're all having a bit of a well deserved rest - soon as I'm back in Feb though we'll be finishing off our new recordings and playing some more gigs. But until then, have a great January folks! Mark.x

13/12/11 : Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming so it's time to wheel out this old gem again...

Stop The Cavalry (Jona Lewie cover) by The Lost Cavalry

We've had an amazing year - Jonny joined as our new drummer and we've moved on a lot musically I think, our new songs (a yet unrecorded!) have a feel to them that we're pretty excited about, We'll record them soon as we can in 2012.

It seems that every Christmas someone new joins the band - this year, we're pleased to officially welcome Derek Yau as our new cello player! Derek played guest cello for us on our last EP and was my co-composer on the Booked Out film soundtrack (the film will be released in 2012 by the way). It's good to have him on board!

Enjoy your mince pies! Mark.x

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