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1/7/11 : Booked Out Original Soundtrack

We are pleased to reveal the original soundtrack for the new indie feature film Booked Out, written and performed by Mark West (of The Lost Cavalry) and Derek Yau, and produced by Mark West. Thirteen pieces written especially for the film Booked Out. The trailer for the film has also been released today.

"Booked Out is a quirky UK indie comedy starring Mirren Burke, Rollo Weeks, Claire Garvey and Sylvia Syms, following the lives of a quirky and intriguing set of characters that spend the majority of their time within a block of flats wondering how to interact with each other..."

We worked on the score during the end of 2010 and the start of this year and are proud to now release it as a full album available to buy from today from our band shop... click here to visit the band shop and download the soundtrack!.

20/6/11 : Desert Tracks - Preview

We're pleased to reveal a preview of our new single 'Desert Tracks'.

It's a song about abandoned diamond mines, Namibia, sand and horses, and will be released as a download on 1st August 2011, available from our band shop, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and so on. Tell the world!

Desert Tracks by The Lost Cavalry

15/6/11 : Gigs in June

We're playing at the Old Queens Head in Islington tomorrow night for 'Oh! Inverted World' (Facebook event here) - and then the day after, on Friday we're playing at Offline Club in Brixton (Facebook event here) which will be a bit of a party gig I think - we're on at 11:45pm...

We also have some nice gigs coming up on the Tamesis Dock boat (29/6/11) and The Windmill (21/7/11) and also acoustic sets at LeeFest (13/8/11) and Blythe Hill Fields Festival (2/7/11).

And in non-gig news, we have a couple of music videos on the way (if all goes to plan) and of course our next single 'Desert Tracks' which should be popping up here and there on Soundcloud,, spotify and so on soon... release date is 1st August!

5/5/11 : Sing on our next EP!

Later in the year we will be releasing our second EP, which will feature our new song 'The Flood' which we have almost finished recording... but what it really needs are your vocals!

Wherever you are in the world, if you fancy adding your voice to the big sing-a-long 'la la la' bit at the end of the song then all you need to do is download the special backing track from this web site and follow the instructions. You'll need to have access to some kind of microphone, some headphones and some recording software (like Garage Band or something) and be able to sing mostly in tune (!), but basically, if you follow the instructions and send us back a file of your singing we will add it to the song and it will appear on the EP itself when it's released!

The more people who do this, the better the end of the song will sound! Download the backing track and instructions here and please send your singing back before the 31st of May... one, two, three... 'la la laaaa la la laaaa!'...

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