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21/4/11 : Song for a buried Elephant

I heard on the news last week about another story of a Victorian circus elephant buried under the ground - not in Ealing this time, but in Tregaron in Wales, and the dig being organised to try to find evidence (thanks to Amos for letting me know about it!).

Because the Internet is the amazing thing that it is, I got talking to the archaeologist organising the dig - Jemma Bezant - who was lovely, and after having a listen to our song about The Elephant Of Castlebar Hill she asked if she could use it as the sound track to her video of the dig - and here it is...

As you can see from the video and from this update to the story the elephant hasn't been found yet... but best of luck to Jemma in continuing the search!

16/3/11 : Gig relocated to Ginglik

Just a quick note to say that our gig next week (22nd March) has been moved to the venue Ginglik - in Shepherds Bush. It's a nice venue built inside the old public toilets - sounds bad, but actually very nice in there, we played a Fanfarlo gig there once back in the Old Days. Anyway - come along if you can, tickets are on sale in advance from and more info on the event and the other bands playing is here on Facebook.

21/2/11 : Here's Jonny

We are pleased to reveal that we have a new addition to The Lost Cavalry - in the human shape of Jonny, formerly the drummer with The Loves - who sadly played their farewell gig last Sunday (which was an amazing gig by the way). Jonny's a great drummer and a great guy and we're all excited to have him join our ranks. We've also booked our first gig of 2011 with him, on 22nd March at Notting Hill Arts Club, where we'll also be debuting a couple of new songs - we're back baby!

And in other news, the Booked Out film score is done and dusted and Derek and I are pleased with it. So, all attention is now on the second The Lost Cavalry EP, which should be released in May... which seems a long time off still, but these things take a long time - we may release a free mp3 sneak preview before then.

26/1/11 : Drums

I keep making excuses about how long our next EP is taking - the main reason is the film score I've been composing and recording along with Derek Yau, for the new feature film 'Booked Out' by Bryan O'Neil. We're coming close to completion on that though, and I've just written a big old diary entry (see below!) for anyone who is interested.

As some of you may know - our drummer, Dave sadly has decided the time is right to leave The Lost Cavalry - he's getting married pretty soon and plans to spend his time on other projects. It's a real shame for us as Dave's been such a great drummer and a great friend to be in a band with. He'll still be playing drums for our next EP though, so he's still around in spirit!

This of course means we are temporarily down one member in The Lost Cavalry. We have someone in mind, but in the short term we're concentrating on writing some new tracks and working on the new recordings. We'll probably plan a few acoustic gigs soon too to try out some of our new material.

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