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29/9/10 : A different kind of interview

A Negative Narrative interview Here's a different kind of interview - we were asked a number of questions but had to reply to each with a photo instead of words. It was quite fun but also suprisingly tricky. I'm pretty pleased with our answer to question 8 though...

Also, we're pleased to say that on Nov 15th we'll be playing at The Lexington, Kings Cross supporting The Singing Adams - aka Steven Adams formerly of Broken Family Band, and his new band. Tickets are available here.

1/9/10 : Desert Tracks live acoustic session for The 405

We set up loads of little compact cameras around Oliver's flat and recorded ourselves playing one of our new songs 'Desert Tracks' acoustic - a special video for The 405 web site. You can watch the video here:

We'll be recording a 'studio' version later in the year. Meanwhile, we have exciting single news coming up soon, plus we've been back to Southend starting to record tracks for our second EP... but you'll need to wait a while for that one, some time next year!

1/9/10 : Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills - More Reviews

The Lost Cavalry: Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills Here's a round up of some of the reviews of our EP...

"West's vocals, from the outset, are tenderly delicate yet powerful in their range like, Rufus Wainwright at his most vulnerable. 8/10" - The 405
"These finely crafted, literate and wistful songs are well worth giving your time and attention to" - Folly Of Youth
"A superbly confident and stirring debut... singer mark west, possess an extraordinary voice which blends brilliantly with the electric-folk instrumentation" - Rough Trade
"Oh Sally is a beautiful fanfare of melodic, gentle instruments, brilliant, strong vocals and lyrics which tease the inner child from your memory. Experimental and truly unique..." - Stereoboard
"You get a real sense of accomplished majesty from this music. Sad yet uplifting, full blooded yet sensitive, commercially appealing yet not at all dull. This ex-Fanfarlo guitarist & his cohorts have a rather special appeal. 4/5" - Norman Records
"For some reason the intro reminds of Michael Buble" - This Is Fake DIY

There was a bad review too... but you'll have to search for it, I'm not going to tell you where to find it! In the mean time, here are some more good ones... The Line Of Best Fit, Gobshout, Culture Deluxe, For Folks Sake and The Kaje ...and a live review on The 405.

23/8/10 : Interview on Soundfreak

Nick and I did an interview for Soundfreak... Click on these words to see it. They also say about our EP... "It's bloody brilliant!" ...cheers!

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