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23/8/10 : Interview on Soundfreak

Nick and I did an interview for Soundfreak... Click on these words to see it. They also say about our EP... "It's bloody brilliant!" ...cheers!

2/8/10 : Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills - Available now!

The Lost Cavalry: Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills Our debut EP is now available! You can buy it on CD from Rough Trade, Norman Records, Resident Records or directly from the band shop, or you can buy digitally from Amazon, iTunes, eMusic or from the band shop. Hope you like it!

And don't forget - we're playing two special launch week gigs - Wednesday (4th) on the Tamesis Dock, a converted 1930's Dutch barge and Friday (6th) at The Lexington, give our name on the door to get a free copy of the EP! Details below...

19/7/10 : Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills EP Launch Party - 8:30pm Weds 4th August - on a 1930's Dutch barge on the Thames!

Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills EP

To celebrate the release of our debut EP "Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills" we'll be playing a special gig on a boat floating on the River Thames - the Tamesis Dock, a converted 1930's Dutch barge. There will be a free copy of our EP to everyone who comes to see us - so be sure to say our name at the door (or do I mean 'boarding platform'?) The boat is moored just south/upriver from Westminster, on the Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP. Tickets available now from Ticketweb for £6 - but remember, that also gets you a free CD! We are playing with the brilliant Thomas Truax... Note that we will be playing at 8:30pm - so don't be late!.

If you can't make it along to the boat launch party then hopefully you can make it to The Lexington, Kings Cross on the Friday night (6th Aug) - we'll be playing at the White Light club night supporting Spencer McGarry Season -

18/6/10 : Balcony TV Show

Last week we returned to Camden to play an acoustic song for Balcony TV. We played the second track from our forthcoming EP - 'Secret Steps'. Click the image above to take a look...

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