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09/9/09 : Offline Club this Thursday

Offline Club

We're playing a free gig at Dogstar, Briton this week for Offline Club... Here what they have written about us: "A new project by Mark West, the former guitarist from Fanfarlo, we've been loving the beautiful indie/folk sounds of this great new band."

And also Mark will be DJing at The Wonderland 3rd Birthday Party on Friday 18th September, at Jacks club, Crucifix Lane, SE1, London.

6/7/09 : Flow Machines - We Are Starlight EP

The Flow Machines remix EP 'We Are Starlight' is released today exclusively via digital download.

The EP features a version of 'Mio & Mao' remixed by The Lost Cavalry (that's us folks!) as well as remixes by people like Martin Carr, Akira The Don and Cian from Super Furry Animals.

We remixed the track last month, taking the original track (from the 'Every Last Drop' album) and adding ukulele, concertina and echoey guitar to make the track more atmospheric without loosing the catchy and upbeat melodies.

You can get the EP by going to and then also visiting and spreading the word...

30/6/09 : Acoustic gig and recording

Our first gigs have been going well... we're playing this Sunday at near Kings Cross next, come along, it's free. Then we have various gigs booked over the summer, and more on the way not yet confirmed.

And most excitingly, we're going in to record some tracks properly next week with Paul from Stolen Recordings who I recorded the Fanfarlo 'Harold T Wilkins' single with last year, and who also has just produced the My Sad Captains album. It's going to be good to work with him again, and we're looking forward to having some properly recorded songs to let you all hear!

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