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21/4/17 : Morning After Mixtape

Here's a mixtape Mark from the band has put together full of weird and wonderful (mainly weird) music found down the back of sofa's... enjoy!

8/12/16 : Merry Christmas Everyone

It's time for our bi-annual Christmas Cover! We present: "Merry Christmas Everyone", our Shakin' Stevens cover! You can download it for free and add it to your playlists from here: along with our previous covers, all as one lovely mini-album!

Merry Christmas everyone!

11/11/16 : Taking A Trip with The Meyer Dancers

We're very aware that we're taking AGES to get album number two done! :-) But I promise we really are making good progress (but even so, don't expect it soon!) We have 18 tracks to choose from, with about 2/3 of them recorded or partially recorded. It's all sounding great - it'll be worth the wait I promise!

We're playing an acoustic set at The Meyer Dancers: Santa Takes A Trip on the 10th Dec, details and tickets here:

1/6/16 : Festivals 2016

A few festival announcements!

18/6/2016 we'll be playing at Wildfire Festival (9:30pm, Campfire stage). 30/7/2016 we'll be playing at Leefest Festival: The Neverland... almost certainly the band who have played at Leefest more times than any other band! And the day after on 31/7/2016 we'll be playing on the main stage at this years Chilled In A Field festival.

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