An all night indoor festival in aid of charity!

Wonderland is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2007, specialising in party and event organisation.

As well as throwing our own parties in South London we collaborate with other groups such as Rumpus, Chilled In A Field and Leefest and host and decorate tents or rooms at festivals and other club nights.

Since 2007 we've raised over £31,000 for charity!

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Forthcoming Events

Wonderland Cafe at Rumpus

5th Oct 2018 - 10pm-6am - Islington Metalworks, Angel

More Rumpus cafe fun all in aid of charity!...

If your tootsies get sore and you’re breathing is blown, Come to the Wonderland, no need to moan. Calm down for a moment, allow them to care. Rest and resuscitate, pull up a chair. These creatures will sooth you, revive and restore, There’s tea and there’s cake and lots and lots more. All is for charity, these guys are so nice, so take some time out with them is our advice.

The Mad Hatter's Mad Hat Party

13th Oct 2018 - 10pm-6am - POW - The Prince Of Wales, 467-469 Brixton Road, SW9 8HH London


"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret all the best people are..."


On October 13th we return to POW, upstairs at the Prince Of Wales in Brixton for a night of festival funtimes - the Mad Hatter is throwing his very own MAD HAT PARTY and you're invited.... wear your very best hat!

Expect our custom blend of live music, fantastic DJs and silly fun entertainments! With: Mista Trick Soundsystem (LIVE!) ~ Beth Beth Beth ~ Panthro ~ Sisu Collective ~ Dj LoRIOca ~ King of Hearts ~ SlyFox ~ Disco Duzmoore ~ DJ Pixi ~ JubJub Bird ~ Sneaky Rafiki ~ Elrobo ~ Imo LOVES Dick ~ Said Poppy

TICKETS £8 / £10 / £12 / £15 on the door. All profit from Wonderland goes to the Wonder Years Centre of Excellence, supporting communities in the Gambia.

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The Gambia

Wonderland is entirely in aid of charity and run by volunteers, we do not make a penny from these events, we do them 'cos we love them and 'cos we love all of you too. All profits go to the Wonder Years Charity, supporting communities in The Gambia.

Here's a video of our first of three visits to The Gambia - Video Diary Playlist by The King Of Hearts.

More charity information here.

Recent Photos

Wonderland - Wonder The Rainbow

11th November 2017 - 10pm-6am, POW - The Prince Of Wales, 467-469 Brixton Road, SW9 8HH London

Wunder The Rainbow - 11th November 2017 - Photos my Sameer Ghai

Wunder The Rainbow - 11th November 2017 - Photos my Simeon Jones Photography

Wunder The Rainbow - 11th November 2017 - Photos my Paula Bedwell

Fun in aid of charity since 2007!