Wonderland is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2007, specialising in party and event organisation.

If you are interested in working with us, please email us: alice@wonderlandfestival.co.uk.

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Alice welcomes you into her world... Chase the White Rabbit down a hole and try and pin the tail on her fluffy bottom... Get caught up and twisted as Dee and Dum bound around... Widen and spread your smile throughout the land with help from the Cheshire Cat... Everyone come and celebrate your Unbirthday with half a cup of tea and a gianormous game of pass the parcel... While the Mad Hatter riddles and rhymes and the March Hare keeps you moving in a game of musical chairs... Get thoroughly jammy with the Dormouse... Hubble and bubble your inhibitions away as the Caterpillar tells you his wise words of wisdom... Admire the beauty of the Head Rose and treat yourself to a new identity with facepainting... Get humbled in the presence of the Royal couple... Secretly painting the roses red out of view from the temperamental Queen of Hearts or else be challenged to a game of croquet... Where we meet the kind King of Hearts who saves you from losing your head... On the last night before you wake and return to reality send your wishes to the twinkling stars and rise the next day with magical memories of a dream that's never too far away.