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A selection of these tracks can downloaded HERE.

What You Make It, the debut album.

Date: September 2000
"Trying to Listen"
"Man in a Suit"
"Instant 126"
"More to Find"
"Your Help Taken Away"
"The Sound Outside"
"Enough Time"

Finaly completed in September 2000, (after 19 months!) "What You Make It" contains 54 minits of Ambers' best material, from relaxing songs like "The Sound Outside" to live favourites like "Collapse" and "Man in a Suit".  If you would like a copy of the album, please contact us.

Limited Edition

Date: 2001
"Away From Here"
"Speed Ye Gentlemen (live)"
"332 (demo edit)"
"Trying To Listen (MJW reversion)"
"Mouse Organ Tribute (live)"
"Departure (original demo)"
"Away From Here (demo edit)"
"Often (live)"
"More To Find (live)"
"Collapse (live)"

Only 6 in existance! Contains a mixture of rare Amber material, original demos and live tracks. Track one is "Away From Here", the newest Amber song, recorded after the release of "What You Make It", and possibly the best yet.

The Driving EP

Date: December 1999
"Unbecoming" (original version)
"Trying to Listen"
"Driving (say nothing)"
"Enough Time"
"Often" (live version)

Recorded at Westwood Studios, Coventry, the Driving EP was Ambers' first taste of creating a real CD of their own work.  This CD was used primarily as a demo while production of the album was still going on.

The Odd Sox BandSoc CD

Date: February 1998
"Trying to Listen" (original version)

Ambers' first recording was for the Univerity of Warwick Band Society CD, featuring 17 of the University bands at the time.  Drums were played by Anna Starkey, and bass by Matt Storr.