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Amber formed in 1998, at the University of Warwick, and, after a number of alterations to line up, are now:

Adrian Dunlop - Drums
Nick Goold - Guitar
John Green - Keyboards
Simon McIlhinney - Bass
Mark West - Vocals/Guitar

The album "What You Make It" was completed in 1999, with more tracks following on "Limited Edition" in 2000. Now in hibernation after graduating from University, Amber are ever-ready to bounce back at the slightest hint of a recording contract!

A selection of Amber tracks can be found to download HERE.


Formed in 1998 at the University of Warwick, Amber built upon humble beginning to become the area's pre-eminent purveyors of emotionally charged indie-rock. After an initially flexible line-up, founder members John Green and Nick Goold discovered the angelic voice of one Mark West under a table in the union bar. The troika then moved on to recruit the university big band's (second) best drummer, Adrian Dunlop. Bass proved more of a problem... The second-rate services of guitarist-turned-bassist Simon McIlhinney were later acquired when he had a pissed-up conversation with John in a nightclub. World domination is surely only a matter of time...

The band's influences are far too varied to list, John and Nick tend towards the heavier end of indie, Mark has decidedly epic tastes, Simon slides uneasily towards experimental rock/dance weirdness, while Adrian is a jazz man at heart. Andy Harvey adds his own peculiar brand of fret-wankery to proceedings on the earlier recordings - but has unfortunately now gone A.W.O.L.  Somehow, leaving these guys in a room together causes them to produce something surprisingly rounded and moving in an understated way. 

Word spread, as it tends to, and despite a few embarrassing gigs playing to the bar staff, Amber have established a small but dedicated following amongst the drizzle-soaked inhabitants of Southern Coventry. To date their gigs have included a virtual residency at Warwick University's Warwick Live event, as well as numerous gigs on the larger stages to crowds of several hundred.  Outside the Union, Amber have played the Butterworth Hall at Warwick Arts Centre; entertained the masses in Coventry city centre and rocked in Birmingham, Brighton and Bournmouth!  Also this year, they were voted Warwick University Best Band by an independent panel of judges at the Warwick Battle of the Bands!

...Despite all this, a record company bidding war has not yet materialised... 

Photos by Arj, Dave, Lucy, Lisa, John and Mark.
Web site created by Mark West.