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31/1/19 : I Fell Asleep In Your Covers video

Here are some words from Simon, about the video he made for our track "I Fell Asleep In Your Covers".

"The song itself is about a breakup and the reflection that follows that. The video tries to tell that story using clips from the fascinating depths of the Prelinger Archive of "ephemeral" video. 50s instructional videos, relationship guidance, old adverts, "stag movies", it has them all...

The problem with doing that is that a) you have to wade through many, many hours of videos looking for the scenes you want, and b) the clips are unrelated, so it's sort of difficult to tell a coherent story with them. All you can really hope to do is split them into groups and evoke some sort of feeling from each set. So, that's what I tried to do.

As a loose outline, I was shooting for:

Verse one: clips of people alone, contemplating something, although it's not clear exactly what at this stage.

Chorus one: clips of the bad times in flashback - people arguing, relationships dissolving. The flashback thing was a challenge. How does one indicate a flashback without a narrative connection? Hopefully the fade-to-white and "glow" effect do the job.

Verse two: more clips of people alone, more visibly upset now. Because of the preceding scenes it's now more obvious what they are upset about.

Chorus two: clips of the good times in flashback - couples having fun, closeness, etc. The idea is that the people reflecting have reached the point where they can remember the good as well as the bad.

Instrumental: zoom out to groups of people. The dancing is sort of symbolic (pretentious git alert) – the record turns, the dance goes on.

Final chorus: the start of something new. End on a slow kiss and a fade to black, because a) *always* end on a slow kiss and fade to black, and b) nobody knows how the next relationship ends, right?

The thank you/goodnight bit was just too perfect a clip not to use, ditto the lead-in at the start. I *really* hope it all makes sense, and that at least a few people enjoy it!


29/12/18 : A stormy ride

Our album is finally finished... and I mean it this time! It's called "Storms" and getting it over the finishing line has been exhausting!

The tracks were mostly recorded by the end of 2017, but then the Simon Love album took over my time a little I'll admit (I was mixing and producing), and then I went off on a big trip around the world for a while (which will pop up soon in a new vide I filmed while I was away...if I can ever finish editing it!). When I was back all those tweaks took a long time - but I'm glad I took the time, as the finished album is sounding great.

I took the plunge and mastered the album myself too - I'd been learning and practicing and had mastered one of the Simon Love singles that got a fair bit of radio play, so I was fairly confident. I'm happy with the way the mastering of 'Storms' has turned out - it's punchy and dynamic, and I think has a good warmth to it. I can't wait for people to hear it properly!

But yep - the CDs are being manufactured, the album launch is booked, the tracks have been distributed to iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify and so on, and everthing is on track for the 9th Feb 2019 when our second album will finally (finally!) be released!

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9/4/19 : Track Of The Day - Skewed Quiff

Thank you to Skewed Quiff for making "The Rain Dissolves Me Away" their Track Of The Day!

"On The Rain Dissolves Me Away, The Lost Cavalry charge you with frenetic rage. Guitars screech and strings buzzsaw across a throbbing heart of bass and a skittering pulse of drums. Beguiling vocals entice us to the edge. This is a song for those moments when the world has drifted away, a sombre vision narrowing to a pinpoint of light. When the unutterable grace of nothing threatens to consumes you. When you realise you need something."

The track is from our album STORMS and is available on Bandcamp (also available on CD):

9/2/19 : Our new album STORMS is released today!

Our album is finally out! We hope you like it.

Stream or buy directly from us on Bandcamp (also available on CD):

Listen on Spotify:

Listen or buy on iTunes:

Buy on Amazon:

Stream it on Soundcloud:

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